the gift of Gwen's Feng Shui consultation and I’m so delighted I haven’t stopped talking about it! In a very gentle and supportive way, she got right to the crux of my problem and offered many smart solutions for that space. I was surprised to learn so many new things about Feng Shui—especially when I thought I had it down already. Gwen’s hands-on approach and deep knowledge really got me excited for change. I am already enjoying the new energy she has breathed into my home. Thank you, Gwen.
Ella Nemcova, Owner and Chef at The Regal Vegan, New York City

think of myself as a capable and confident person when arranging and decorating rooms—so much so that people always told me that I should consider doing this as a career. Nevertheless, over the past year I’ve been puzzled as to why I was neglecting a wonderful, very large, bright, third-floor room in my home, one that I had happily used for many years, and then rented out as a bed-sit while I traveled. This arrangement was wonderful with the first occupant and fairly negative with the last one. Meanwhile I had settled into a smaller, less appealing room. Gwen approached this dilemma with a keen eye to the potential as well as the challenges of the space. We discussed the many factors that had led to its neglect. In one day her meaningful rearrangement of furniture, introduction of wall hangings, plants, and objects (sometimes from other parts of the house or even the basement) and interesting use of color and light have brought about a transformation which has led me back to my third floor. It’s a restful room for sleep and is also delightful to use for my yoga practice or an afternoon read. How wonderful to have reclaimed this space!
Leslie Wilhelm, Portland, Maine


fantastic! She helped me see my space in a different light and through new eyes. I wanted to create a better work/life balance and Gwen pointed out that there were work-oriented items in virtually every room in my apartment. Once I shifted them around, that really helped—and I received 3-4 calls about really great new jobs too! She also recommended the basics—clearing anything dirty, dusty, broken, or old—and as a result, I feel clearer, more focused, calmer, and have even been sleeping better. I highly recommend you consult with Gwen. She has such a light touch with her suggestions and partners with you to come up with ideas together. For me, it was really great manifestation within a few weeks.
Marj Kleinman, Director of Digital Media at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, New York City

learning more about Feng Shui and how it affects all areas of my life. You described the bagua well and it made entire sense to me that there are certain colors, textures, and objects that make a room feel a specific way. I was glad that you had such a good handle on it, so that you could guide me in recognizing the reasons for my immediate reactions to space and my surroundings. While I know that you are generally following the principles of Feng Shui, your consultation and follow-up was so specific to me and what is going on in my life. You really know exactly what would work best for a person and I so appreciate your taking the time to look at my apartment and get to know me a little better. I think that I should immediately make many of these updates. I know that any changes I make will greatly affect how I perceive many things in my life, and I think that these recommendations will go far to create a peaceful home. Thank you so much!
Tom Blanchard, Manager of Patron Programs and Major Gifts at WNYC, New York City

was informative and fascinating. You taught me about the concepts of feng shui in situ, so that I could immediately relate them to my space. You were very thorough, covering not only the orientation and relationship of the bagua to my apartment, but also the corresponding colors and elements and yin/yang in ways that I could relate to my space and stuff immediately. Your advice about clutter is helpful, too, as it makes tackling it feel less overwhelming, plus the thought that it will clear the energy for other projects is also motivating. It was especially helpful that you started out by asking what my goals were, and that we repeatedly came back to ways I can implement changes to achieve them. Of the many ideas and suggestions we discussed, there were things I was motivated to get to right away because of my desire to change careers. Right after I saw you, I went to the hardware store and bought a pile of little magnets, and that evening I started putting up some key images and reminders in my “career” area, and taking some active steps toward looking for a new job. A week later I had two appointments to speak to friends of friends who work in areas I was interested in, and within about 6 weeks I had found an internship with an organization I love and still work for. Since then I've periodically referred to my notes from our session, at times when I've found myself needing to focus my intentions on an outcome in a particular life area. As my fortieth birthday approached, I found myself feeling more ready than ever to find a partner (this after about 10 years being single!). I checked out my bagua chart and your suggestions about colors and symbols, and decided to spruce up my “love and marriage” corner. I bought a beautiful wall hanging, and some red candles. It took a while for me to put the wall hanging up, but by then I'd met and dated several people. At the end of the summer, wall hanging finally hung and reminding me of my desire to “pair up,” I met a fantastic man who is proving to be a better match and partner than I ever thought possible! I will be more than happy to recommend your services to friends.
Deborah Dimasi, Development Assistant at StoryCorps, New York City

rearrange my bedroom to bring out my favorite aspects of the room: its airy lightness and calming energy. My decor, consisting of light hues with a few splashes of deep red and icy blue, was chosen to enhance those traits, but the pretty deep brown of my wooden desk had been covered up by my cotton laundry bin. Moving the desk in front of the laundry bin de-emphasized its functionality and brought the solid richness of the wood into view. Given that I love the look and feel of wood and have a few other such items in my room, repositioning my corner desk brought a sense of visual flow and completeness that I had been missing. Gwen also helped me to understand my natural, fitting gravitation toward yin energy in my most intimate space, and how switching the hamper and desk ushered in a softer look that better complimented the rest of my room. I love the change and have enjoyed it every day since!
Michele Kennedy, Arts Program Officer at New York City Department of Cultural Affairs